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General Web (Re)Design

We design and develop websites that are functional, inspiring and easily found which leads to more customers and more revenue for your organization. We've also got some cost savings web ideas up our sleeves to grow your bottom-line too.

On the tabs below you can see the web design services we offer. We want to make sure that you know what we can deliver. However, we fancy ourselves a web SOLUTIONS firm so we'll be there to help you decide what services you need. In the meantime, these will get your creative juices flowing.

  1. New Website
  2. Website Facelift
  3. Logo Design
  4. Content Writing
  5. Mobile Web Design
  6. E-Commerce

Does your new company need a website or your existing company need a fresh start?

We will design and develop your new website from start to finish. We have a wide variety of experience in developing websites including:

  • Responsive Technology - Having a mobile website is more important now than ever.  Responsive technology allows us to create a website that automatically resizes to the size of the browser screen (i.e. iPhone, Tablet, Computer), which ensures that your website is properly viewed on an unlimited array of devices.
  • Content Management Systems (Joomla, Wordpress) - We can handle all of your content changes and updates (see "Web Management" page), but we also are a big believer in training you or your staff to perform the updates through easy-to-use content management systems.
  • Parallax Technology -  These slick looking one-page, scrolling websites are all the rage on the internet right now due to their superior look and feel and their simplicity.
  • PHP, MYSQL - This is our preferred technology stack due to its ubiquity and security.

Like a particular website that you want to use as a model for your organization? Use our quote machine to the right and send us the site. We'll respond promptly with a quote and next steps.

Does your website need a quick refresh? Are you unhappy with your current website, but don't want to pay for a brand new website?

We can work with your previous web design firm and their existing design to make updates to your site and provide a refreshing facelift.

Most web design firms will tell you that you need a brand new website because it is more profitable for them, but we've been owners of other businesses and know how important it is to save on costs so we'll work hard to incorporate current technologies and requested changes into your current website.

Starting a new business and need help with your brand presence right from the start?

We will take care of the logo design process for you.  We listen to you and your vision for your company and craft a logo that fits this vision.  Our design approach involves highly experienced and talented designers,  who understand that a logo should not just be pretty, but it also must be functional - telling a story about your business that is easily remembered.

Wishing you had better content for your website? Do you dread the thought of writing?

We know that it can be difficult to put into written words what your company does, how it can help your customers and what makes it unique. We also know that you may not have time to write - you've got a myriad of other responsibilities to attend to.  Your time is valuable.

Our Content Writing service starts by researching your industry and company, including existing printed material like brochures, and then listening to your vision and goals for the company. We then create clear and concise content, but take it a step further to ensure that the content will result in higher organic search rankings. We then let you proof your web copy before it goes live.

We believe in providing end-to-end solutions because we know it creates a coherent web presence to drive revenue in your business and makes your live easier. Let us take care of your content writing for the web.

Have you taken advantage of the Mobile Revolution yet?

Consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices for general business information (i.e. location, phone number, hours) and to complete purchases. Websites designed before 2008 almost certainly are not “mobile-friendly”, and smart-phone visitors to these sites either see a tiny image of your website, or they “stretch” the view and have to move the page around as they read resulting in consumers turning away from your site.

Our standard website design approach uses Responsive Technology to automatically fit websites to the screen size being used by the user since their are endless number of screen sizes: iPhones, Androids, Galaxy Tablets, iPads. We also like to add the following elements to mobile sites:

  • Mobile Map with Directions - easily open the users default map application for fast directions retrieval.
  • Click to Call Capabilities - the user clicks your phone number on the website and the mobile device asks if you would like to call the number.
  • Simplified Menus - present your most important pages first on a mobile website: Order Now, Directions, Contact Us.
  • Swipe Capabilities - use the full touchscreen effects that mobile devices offer.

Need to sell your goods online?

We know how to do it. We make online shopping intuitive and simple for your customers. Ever bought something online that seemingly took 30 minutes because you had to re-enter all of your information because it didn't like your email address? We believe in simplicity for consumers during their buying process and ensure that your site is simple in order to increase your revenue.

We also make your sales process trustworthy and transparent because consumers need to feel secure buying from your business and we’ll get them there.

What about the back-end? How will you order fulfillment process change? It doesn't have to because we can integrate your e-commerce solution with your current system. Or, we can work with you to streamline you existing process and implement a new back-end. 

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