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It's not enough anymore to simply have a website. You need your website to accomplish a purpose. That purpose may be to win new clients, sell a product, galvanize community members or provide timely information. Whatever your purpose, we are here to help you accomplish it with our wealth of web marketing experience and breadth of services.

On the tabs below you can see the web marketing services we offer. We want to make sure that you know what we can deliver. However, we fancy ourselves a web SOLUTIONS firm so we'll be there to help you decide what services you need. In the meantime, these will get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Your Brand and the Web
  2. Organic Search Traffic
  3. Paid Search Traffic
  4. Location & Map Search
  5. Social Media
  6. Email / SMS Campaigns

Have you thought about how your brand strategy for the web?

You probably have thought a lot about your brand and the identity it has with the public, but we'll help you take those thoughts another step further. At the beginning of our web design process we will help you think through how your site's design and marketing strategy should fit your brand.

Then, at each stage of our web design process (see "How We Do It" page), we will make sure that our web design and online marketing strategy are continuing to stay true to what we figured out at the beginning of the web design process.

How do you get your company to the top of search listings?

You've probably heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and know that it is a crucial tactic in driving people to your website.

SEO (also known as organic search traffic) is the practice of improving and promoting a web site in order to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines. There are many different ways of executing SEO, from the words on your site to the way other sites link to you to how your website is structured. Great SEO increases your web traffic and sales and keeps your site visitors happy.

The exhilarating aspect of SEO is that it is constantly changing because the search engines change their attributes for rankings. You may be on top of the search rankings one day, but if you are not keeping up with the latest SEO trends, your site may fall in the rankings. Our best-in-class SEO process involves setting you up for success at the outset but also provides monitoring mechanisms to ensure that your site continues to stay at the top.

Ever wonder how those yellow boxes appear on your Google Search Results at the top of the page?

Companies buy those ads for specific search terms. If you search, "Minneapolis Web Design" we could have our web site listed in a yellow box at the top of your search results and then every time someone clicks that to come to our site, we pay Google a predetermined amount (based on how many other people want to advertise using that keyword).

There are many more variables at play and analysis that needs to be done on an ongoing basis, but we can get you started so that you can dramatically increase your revenue and keep it there.

What are those new search results I see with a map? How does Google Places work?

Search results based on locality (when you search "minneapolis web design") have been around for years, but businesses and organizations are reporting dramatic increases in foot traffic at their stores once they start appearing at the top of these search results. This is due to the rise in mobile websites and users looking for a gas station or pharmacy when sitting at a stoplight.

Location and map search is subset of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so it follows our same best-in-class process. Contact us today to see how we can help you be a first-mover on this emerging trend!

What types of social media are appropriate and effective for your business?

Let's start with this: no matter the business, you must have a social media footprint. It might just be a companion Facebook page or it could be a full-scale social media implementation using all of the important players:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Google +
  • Blogs
  • Youtube

We develop websites, but we also create best-in-class social media sites and social media execution plans. During our initial consultation we will work with you to determine what social media spaces will drive more customers and revenue to your website, and which most effectively use other services (e.g. SEO) to create a comprehensive Web Marketing solution. 

What do you do to reach out to existing customers?

With text messaging and email, it has never been easier to cultivate relationships with your customers through engaging and active touchpoints. Social media is great in attracting customers and even keeping existing customers up-to-date on your company and products, but it can be a passive activity (e.g. you write something but that does not necessarily mean they will come). Text messaging and email campaigns allow you to capitalize on your vast trove of customer data in order to increase sales.

We help you create text messaging and email campaigns that match your online presence and that follow the law, which is extremely important in an increasingly regulated space. We can create your email and text message campaigns, ensure that they fit your overall brand and online brand, and assist you in analyzing the results.


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